September 24, 2017

Loose Him

Loose Him

Chino Valley Bible Church
Sunday, September 24, 2017
“Loose Him” John 11:44

To really help someone we must first meet them where they are; not where we expect them to be or where we think they should be. That’s not help. That’s condemnation. Verse 32 expresses what most of us have felt, “Lord, if You had been here my brother would not have died.” Therefore, we must believe…

We must believe Jesus is the resurrection and the life, Verse 15
This is the fifth of seven “I am” statements. But, is knowing this helpful? Knowledge is only helpful when we believe it; Verses 25 & 26.

Believing Jesus is critical to faith. Martha may have answered the wrong question. Jesus didn’t ask if she believed He was the Christ. He asked if she believed He had the power over death. Have you answered the wrong question? Or, do you really believe that you will never die? Do you believe you will never be separated from God?

Which brings us to the resurrection of Lazarus, Verses 38-44
Jesus was moved by what He saw; He wept (V. 35) and He groaned (V.38).
His love moves Him to act. As love should. We notice how our Lord loved:
He took charge: “Take away the stone…but Lord” (V.39). He reminded: “Did I not say” (v.40). He prayed (Vs.41-42). He raised the dead: “Lazarus, come forth” (V. 43). “He who had died came out…Loose him and let him go” (V. 44).
The man who was dead is now alive! Are you?

Which causes us to think:
1. If Jesus begins with a prayer of thanksgiving then so should we.
– We will see the glory of God after we take Jesus at His word and rely on His faithfulness and His power.

2. The resurrection of Lazarus is the gospel call:
– Dead souls brought out of sin’s grave by the Word of God;
– Holiness is our calling because sin has no place for those alive in Christ
– Then, let God remove your graveclothes.

3. We cannot save ourselves; or anyone else. But once saved we can lay aside everything keeping us from our freedom in Christ; namely past sins.
This is extremely important: the body of Christ is a fellowship of believers equipped by the Holy Spirit for the ministry of the Church; to make disciples beginning with our children who are also gifted by God for service.

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